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Join us for Edgar Cayce's
A.R.E. Summer Seabeck Experience
July 5-9th, 2023

Spiritual Advancement: Breakthrough Techniques to Experience the Divine

Gregg Unterberger


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Nearly everyone has had a moment where they touched something transcendent - something much larger than themselves. Most people think that these profound life-changing spiritual experiences are solely the domain of mystics and saints. But new, cutting-edge, psycho-spiritual techniques are putting these transformative moments into the hands of ordinary people, on-demand, without the aid of hallucinogens or years of meditative practice! 


Join consciousness researcher, psychotherapist, and author of The Quickening: Leaping Ahead on Your Spiritual Journey for an adventure into the direct experience of the Divine. In this highly experiential retreat, you will have the chance to skyrocket your intuitive abilities and natural mediumship, hear new research that may “prove” life after death, and discover profound new ways to connect with the Light within to encounter your deepest identity.

Featured topics include:

Divine Guidance


How to tell difference between ego chatter and still small voice

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Near Death Experience

What you DON'T know

about the NDEs

Messages from the Afterlife

Learn to communicate with them without a medium

Thursday Morning: Part One


Faster, Better, Deeper


“Line upon line, precept upon precept,” Cayce says, is the way to grow spiritually. But is that really all there is to it? Do we simply furrow our brows and bury our heads in books until we get the answers? Find out how a pagan ritual from hundreds of years ago still points the way to rapid spiritual growth in the 21st Century. Discover the truth about the global consciousness shift and the “celestial speed-up” and learn to ride the wave. Explore Cayce’s idea of a quickening and how you can begin to “leap ahead” to the next level of your spiritual evolution, saving you years or even lifetimes! 



Thursday Morning: Part Two


Listening to your “Inner Voice”


We’ve all been told to “turn within for answers.” But what does that even mean? And how in the world would we do it in the chaos of everyday life? Aren’t psychic abilities a “gift” that some people have, and others just don’t? Most importantly, we will answer the Million Dollar Question: How do we tell the difference between our own mental chatter and the “still small voice within?” Edgar Cayce and qualitative research from vetted professional psychics gives us some answers! 



Thursday Evening


Practical Spirituality: Keys to a Happier Life


The wisdom teacher and poet, Hugh Prather, once mused, “There must be a better way to go through life than being dragged through it kicking and screaming.” We imagine “being spiritual” as some kind of Nirvana state where we float through life and it’s all rainbows and unicorns. But the truth is, the spiritual life is sometimes gritty, challenging and often painful. And, infinitely better and more joyful. 


Developing and cultivating certain spiritual qualities can lead to a life that is not only filled with meaning and direction, but can also bring more joy, connection and well-being than most people can possibly imagine! Unterberger will reveal the single most effective technique that has transformed him in the last few years, after decades of spiritual study. We will explore the wisdom of Edgar Cayce as well as breakthroughs in neuroscience that can allow us to begin to re-set our compass headings towards happier, more fulfilling lives. 


Friday Morning


Messages from the Afterlife


Are others who have crossed over still “with us?” Can we learn to communicate with them without a medium? Is that sacrilegious?  Will that somehow “hold them back?” We will get answers to these questions and more: Discover a method of apparent spirit contact developed by doctors at the Chicago Veterans Hospital that can “cure” PTSD! Explore ways to communicate with the Other Side, messages we might have missed, and surprising information from Cayce and from a professional medium with years of experience on what the Spirit World is like and what those who have crossed over want and need from us. Finally, Unterberger will safely take us into an Inner Sanctum, where we will have a chance to communicate directly with loved ones we have lost. 



Friday Evening


Heaven, Hell and Where’s the Tunnel: 

What you Don’t Know About the Near-Death Experience


Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it all before, you die and go the tunnel toward the Light, your life flashes before your eyes and meet Granny who died in “92, right? 




At least two-thirds of near-death experiencers don’t see a tunnel. Many people don’t see a Light. Some children are met on the Other Side by their baby-sitters or grandmotherswho are still alive. Are 1/6 of NDEs really dark and frightening? Does that mean hell is “real?” What about what the Bible says about hell? And why don’t people from Pacific Rim cultures have life-reviews, ever? What in Heaven is going on here? New research on NDEs is changing everything we know about the phenomenon and may even provide “proof” of the Afterlife. Discover how correlating the Cayce readings, prominent psychics, NDEs and regression research may actually yield an accurate “Map of the Afterlife!”


Saturday Morning


Spiritual Activation: Hardwiring Your Brain to God


What if you could go back and relive your most potent, prior spiritual experience? Not just remember, or think about, but re-catalyze the state, the emotions, the physical sensations and the clarity you had in that moment? Spiritual Activation is a brain-based modality that Unterberger developed that has the potential to allow people to relive prior spiritual events — and even go deeper than the original experience! You will have the chance to experience the technique and learn how to safely facilitate it at home with friends and family! 


Sunday Morning


Oneness is the Only Reality


Edgar Cayce said that six months of study could be spent on the study of ONENESS, “Oneness of God, Oneness of man's relation, Oneness of force, oneness of time, Oneness of purpose Oneness in every effort…” [EC 900-429] 


But what does Oneness really mean in a world that is seemingly splintered by religion, politics, poverty, wealth and violence? We will look at the concept of non-duality through the lens of both Eastern and Western traditions and explore the fantastic collision of spirituality and physics that will take us to profound, almost unfathomable conclusions that mystics have recognized for ages! We will also take an experiential journey into the heart of God, so that all of us might recognize our Oneness…and who we truly are. Thursday Morning: Part One

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Summer Seabeck
Youth Program

Youth Program for 2023

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Unfortunately, the Youth Program will not be back in 2023.

With the right support, we hope to have it back in 2024.


Information and Registration

Seabeck Pond.jpg

The A.R.E. Summer Seabeck

includes rustic lodging, family  style meals, innovative programs, and fun-loving activities surrounded by A.R.E. friends in a rural retreat style setting.

Attendees find time their most treasured gift here during the warm, sunny days of Seabeck. Leaving  daily life behind opens up rare opportunities to sit back and relax, or take a stroll along the beach.  There is plenty of time to play, dance, hike, socialize with like-minded friends, meditate, and journal.  Listen, learn, and experience soul growth lessons and practices with some of the most highly acclaimed teachers in the country.  For many of us, it is an annual retreat and reunion with our A.R.E. family that we look forward to each year! 

Adults on Boardwalk.jpg

Special Events

A.R.E. Summer Seabeck wouldn't be the same without the joy and laughter that we share! In addition to presentations by our compelling speakers, meditations, morning Cayce exercises, dream study groups, and other workshops to choose from we also schedule some special events each year designed to make the event fun.

"Let everyone whom you meet be happier for having met you, for having spoken to you. This you can do by spreading joy." 

(Edgar Cayce 3416-1)

"Come as you Were" Soiree!

Friday begins with our "Come as You Were" Soiree!  Experience a past life by bringing a costume to wear to dinner - or not.  It's light-hearted fun for all!


Talent Show

Saturday night you won't want to miss our talented and sometimes hilarious Seabeck family join together for our annual Talent Show! Bring an instrument, bring a comedy act, prepare a song to sing, or just come and enjoy.  It is so much fun that you will be amazed!

Screen Shot 2022-04-30 at 6.35.36 PM.png

Silent Auction

Our Silent Auction is a fun way for us to raise scholarship money for individuals who would not be able to attend this event without assistance.  Please bring a new, or slightly used, item to donate.  We would so appreciate it!


Salmon Bake Dinner

Saturday night enjoy a delicious Barbeque Salmon Dinner catered right on the Seabeck beach!  This is a fun way to commune with friends old and new.

Screen Shot 2022-04-30 at 6.31.54 PM.png

And so much more...


Registration is easy with two ways to do so.  You can register online where you will have an option of paying by check or credit card, or print out a copy of the registration form and submit it with your check.   Press the button below of your choice.  If you have any questions about registration, please feel free to reach out to this year's Seabeck Program Leader who's contact information can be found below.

About Seabeck

About Seabeck Conference Center

The Seabeck Conference Center is located on 90 beautiful acres on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. The grounds are reminiscent of a small village, complete with walkways that meander past manicured lawns, fruit orchards, and wooded trails. Steeped in history and beauty, it's easy to find yourself transported back to a simpler time from it’s 19th century history, including an old schoolhouse, the original inn and rustic turn-of-the century residences hovering over Hood Canal.


Year round recreational activities include access to the beautiful hiking trails and waterfront.  Summer recreational activities right on the grounds are no charge and include a private lagoon with paddle boats, the swim beach, the boat dock, tennis courts in the woods, horseshoes, ping-pong, volleyball, tetherball, foos ball, basketball, a tree house, the children’s playground and fire circle. With its sweeping views of the waters of Hood Canal and the Olympic Mountains, the Seabeck Conference Center will immerse you in its natural forests and rolling lawns to delight your senses, enliven your mind, harmonize your vibrations, and  rejuvenate your soul.

Delicious Family Style meals are always included in your stay. All meals are prepared on-site and served in the 19th century style dining room. Three full meals a day may be prepared optionally as vegetarian, vegan, non-dairy, and gluten free if preferred.

In addition, guests are always invited to enjoy the unlimited breakfast bar, lunch and dinner salad bars, and a variety of beverage choices.  Friday night is always our Salmon Bake on the beach!

13395 Lagoon Dr NW

Seabeck, WA  98380



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