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Summer 2017 - John Van Auken & Patrick Belisle

Remember when…

It was wonderful to gather together again this July at Seabeck for our annual A.R.E. Experience! A retreat for adults with John Van Auken’ and Patrick Belisle, a summer camp vacation for kids and families and a shared experience of entertainment, workshops, a salmon bake on the beach and so much more! John’s quick wit, great sense of humor and vast background of knowledge on the Readings of Edgar Cayce easily held the group spellbound as he discussed our Celestial Origins and many aspects of Atlantis -- places each of us called home “once upon a time.” As promised, Pat took us on an amazing journey through ideas, ideals and imagination into the Fourth Dimension. Meanwhile the kids had a raging good time at summer camp in warm weather under sunny skies and as always brought us wonderful music celebrations morning and evening! The Youth Counselors and Volunteers worked very hard to offer a quality program and quality fun for the best memories ever! To finish the weekend, we gathered together the adults, the youth, the jokes, the music, the dancing, the skits and of course the ever popular comedy of ‘The Seabeck Evening News,’ in our popular “Talent Show”, which was one of the best and funniest ever! Anyone who was not able to come this year, you won’t want to miss another memorable ARE Summer Seabeck, so make plans now to join us in 2018 – July 4th -10th with fireworks over the water right outside our door! Sincerely, Your Summer Seabeck Family

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