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Spring 2016 - Marie Manuchehri's "Shifting Awareness for a Fulfilling Life"

Our recent retreat featuring Marie Manuchehri was a great success and was well attended. Marie taught us that creating a new awareness, or envisioning the largest reality possible in any given situation, is all about becoming more aware of unrecognized options which lead to a more accurate perception. In the words of Edgar Cayce, "Mind is the Builder, the Physical is the Result". She explained that in order to manifest a more joyous, healthy and fulfilling life we need to expand our perceptions. She explained that expansive experiences are all about vibrating at a higher frequency. As a person shifts their vibration, they created a different/new connection to the unified field. Marie taught us how we can practice expansion, while maintaining a strong connection to ourselves. We then learned how to expand our energy and remain rooted while working, living, and existing in challenging environments to live an outrageously joyful life, no matter what!

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