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Spring 2017 - Norm Shealy's "The Only Way to Live...Healthily!"

Dr. Shealy’s favorite topic is Healthy Longevity, which is what he talked about during our weekend together.

We started out learning how to develop new health habits, with tips and tricks so that we could make long-standing changes in our lives for the better. Then Dr. Shealy went over his suggested diet, which is the standard Edgar Cayce recommended diet, with additional suggestions for the current times where food supplies differ compared to the times of Edgar Cayce. He educated us on the importance of eating organic foods that are GMO free wherever possible. He also taught us about some of the vitamins and minerals that we should consider supplementing out diets with to make up for the deficiencies in the food that is currently available, due to modern farming techniques.

Once he reviewed the nutritional basics for health he then talked about additional nutritional supplementation and remedies for many common health concerns. When attendees had questions about a specific condition that he didn't give suggestions for in the main part of his presentation, he took the time to explain the health suggestions and added nutrients he would recommend to help treat that particular condition. Everyone's specific health concerns, that were not covered previously, were addressed at this time.

Next he taught us about Autogenic Training and how it can be used to calm and heal the body. We had the opportunity to do several meditations and experience the techniques. This then lead into a talk on energy healing where he shared many personal experiences and gave many recommendations.

Finally he talked about the spiritual side of health. He explained that every thought is a prayer and had us consider what we were praying for each moment of the day. He pointed out that thinking sets in motion Spiritual forces to bring about our ideals for our life, and helped us with ways to keep our focus on manifesting happy lives and healthy bodies for ourselves.

The weekend was an amazing experience and I believe that I speak for everyone when I say that we all felt like we walked away with many ideas and concrete strategies to greatly improve our health and well-being.

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